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Sri Nishkameshwara Temple

 Hoskote village is about 20kms from Pandavapura town. Sri Nishkameshwara Temple at Hoskote was built in 13th century AD during the period of 3rd Narasimha of Hoysala dynasty by Sri Bhujangaraya of Honnenamaduvu, a chieftan who established the Kumaraswamy dynasty. This is also called Elambeshwara temple which has a Garbhagriha and a porch. There is a stone mantapa in front of the temple. The inscriptions on the wall and plinth of the Garbhagriha throw light on the political and religious history of that period. The dilapidated temple structure was totally dismantled and re-built after strengthening the adhisthana and replacing the damaged/broken stone members. Shikara over garbhagriha was newly built as per the original. The restoration work of this temple took up during 1994-96.

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